Why property taxes in their current form disincentive owners from making improvements that would provide greater value to surrounding communities
Are eight new office towers exactly what New York City needs right now?
Higher interest rates and a fluttering economy are proving to be challenging for tech-driven house flippers
The U.S. looks to enter its first major housing downturn in over a decade with some markets holding up better than others
After Years of Debt Infused Growth, China's Housing Bubble Looks to be Popping
Powered by 13 Years of Easy Monetary Policy and Fiscal Stimulus, America's Strong Housing Market Looks to be Slowing Down, At Least for Now
3% and 4% Cap Rates Don't Add Up in a Rising Interest Rate Environment
As housing prices continue to rise to record levels across most markets throughout the United States, buying a home or renting an apartment at an…
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